Focus on a Healthier You!


I have been open about my journey and the challenges I’ve faced with my ‘Health & Wellness’. That’s why I believe this category is the most important of them all.  Without your ‘Health & Wellness’ you can’t excel in all the other areas in life. You limit your ability to enjoy the potential of the bright future available to you. So, focus on looking after yourself! Achieve optimal health and if you need to, put yourself outside your comfort zone.

Money and the material things in life can be replenished if lost. But, if it deteriorates, you will find it a struggle to rejuvenate your ‘Health & Wellness’. Breakthroughs in medical advancements are always encouraging to hear. But diabetes, obesity, chronic disease and mental health challenges are more and more common in today’s society. The symptoms I know only too well myself!

Everyone should strive for good ‘Health & Wellness’! It’s fun! It’s rewarding! It makes you feel really good! So, how do you dream of achieving ‘Health & Wellness’ for yourself? Let’s take a look at the options in this category to motivate you in to action:

Be Active Get Fit

Does the thought of physical activity send you in to hibernation? Do you look for every excuse under the sun to avoid fitness? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Being active is attainable to us all in one shape or another. You may want to jog every morning. Push yourself to do 10,000 steps daily! Love to swim! Do martial arts! Or, maybe you find the regime of a gym more your thing with the help of an instructor to keep you on track. There is something for everyone!

Care for Your Health

It’s great to be focused on all things fitness. But you need to make sure your health fundamentals are being taken care of. Do you need the support of a General Practitioner? Should dentistry or optometry be on your to do list? Perhaps you need the services of a specialist doctor?

Emotional Wellbeing and Wellness

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga, are some of the ways you can achieve emotional balance in your life! But sometimes you may find yourself in such a place mentally, that you must seek help! If you find yourself in this spot, please take my advice and talk to someone now!

There is no shame in sharing how you feel. Be that with a family member, friend or work colleague! And if you need to, seek professional help and support by talking with a general practitioner, counsellor or psychologist. There is always someone to help you get through. When things are looking brighter in life, you will be so very glad you did!

Healthy Diet Healthy Life

Do you understand the saying; “You are what you eat!” For a long time I had my head buried in the sand! I thought it was possible to eat anything and everything you wanted. Still feel good and maintain a healthy weight! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! The poor diet I ate was pointing to real issues in other areas of my life!

So, are you the type of person that eats all the wrong foods? Is the word diet not found in your vocabulary? Well, you can’t expect to perform at your best if you don’t put the right nutrients in to your body. It would be a bit like trying to run your unleaded car on diesel! Very quickly it will stop working properly and breakdown! Healthy eating can be fun! It will make you feel good and lead to a healthy life!  So, have a good look at your eating habits? Does anything need to change?

Natural Therapies

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health and wellbeing? Do natural therapies appeal? As an alternative to conventional medicines! Perhaps you have interest in acupuncture, chiropractic or kinesiology, to name but a few!

Pamper Yourself

We all deserve to be pampered at some stage in our busy lives! Are you looking to beautify yourself with a new hairstyle and make-up? Perhaps you just want to unwind at a day spa or do you have the time to rejuvenate your soul at a relaxing retreat in an exotic destination?

You are responsible for your ‘Health & Wellness’! No one else! So, give yourself the best start to each and every day.  Feed your body and mind with good wholesome foods, thoughts and activity. It will give you the potential to enjoy every opportunity that life has to offer.

Good health will filter through in to success in other areas of your life too! If you haven't done so already, Login or Signup now to Manage My Rainbow and hop, skip and jump over to the Success Generator and activate your ‘Health & Wellness’ goals! Make it your vision to be the very best version of you and bring your dreams to life!

Enjoy your journey!