Home is Where the Heart is!


Don’t you just love walking in to your home after a big day, dropping onto your couch and just relaxing! Letting the stresses of the day fade away. Being comfortable and happy in the place you call home. A space where you should feel safe supported and loved.

The ‘Home & Living’ main life category covers all things property. Everyone lives somewhere. Whether you live with that someone special, on your own or with family or friends. It doesn’t matter if you rent or own a home. Having a secure living environment can help bring stability to all other areas of your life too.

Your home also gives the outside world clues to the type of person you really are. When someone walks through your front door, factors such as cleanliness, décor and the floor plan can immediately give an impression of what you like and the values that guide you. Are there pictures of family on the walls? Or like my partner and I, does a huge world map adorn the main living room wall eluding to a love of travel and adventure.

So, what do you dream of for your ‘Home & Living’? Have a good think about where you currently live. Are you happy with your home? Does it define who you truly are? Or do you have aspirations to change your home environment? Even live somewhere different or better! Here’s, a few ideas to help you energise your ‘Home & Living’!

Buy and Sell your Home

Are you motivated to buy or sell your home? Do you dream of living in that suburb you have always loved? Perhaps you’re a first homebuyer looking to step on to the property ladder! With all the excitement and nerves that go with that decision. Are other factors now in play in your life? Is your family growing? Do you want to upgrade or downsize? Maybe a move interstate is on the cards or do you want to migrate to a different country?

Build Your Dream Castle

Have you set your sights on a building your new home? Are you filled with excitement at the thought of influencing what your home will look like from the foundations up? Where will you build? Who will be the builder? What fixtures and fittings will you use? Do you need an architect to help make your castle uniquely yours?

Rent Your Home

Do you need to rent a home short or long term? Is a fixed term lease a good idea or do you want the flexibility of a periodic lease? The lease may restrict you from making any changes to the property. But it’s still your home! You can still make it the space you feel comfortable and happy in. Make a statement with the furniture you furnish your rental home with.

Renovate Your Home

The popularity of renovation television shows illustrates the importance people place on their homes. The excitement they get from creating the living environment they want is tangible. I have friends that are continually renovating their home. They find it fulfilling and have created a fabulous home. They are proud of what they have achieved. I on the other hand struggle with DIY! I’m personally challenged anytime I get close to a hammer or paintbrush.

So, what renovation plans do you have? What personal touch do you want to add to your home to make it yours? Are you interested in gourmet kitchens, liveable living rooms, dream bedrooms or tranquil bathrooms? Perhaps your focus will be outside on outdoor entertaining, fun pools or your garden.

Take time to really think about what you want for your ‘Home & Living’! Let your home reflect who and what you value. Grab this main life category by the paintbrush! Put in the effort to make your home your castle.  

If you haven't done so already, Login or Signup now go to the Success Generator! Activate your ‘Home & Living’ goals and bring your dreams to life! Make them happen because if you enjoy the space you live in, then you should feel happier in most other areas of your life.

Enjoy your journey!