Be the Director of your Dreams - 5 Inspiring Reasons why!


Imagine yourself in a place where you feel totally empowered. You have self-belief, confidence and you lead an uplifting, successful life where you are fulfilled both personally and professionally. You have purposefully achieved a healthy work / life balance, something that so many strive for, but find elusive. You are mindful, sleep well and have clarity of purpose with every decision you make fully aligned with your true values. You exercise regularly and are conscious of the fresh air flowing in and out of your lungs, which gives you an essence of vitality and energy that flows throughout your whole body.

This is the power of Visualisation!  I believe this personal exercise is an integral piece of the personal goal-setting puzzle, which promotes overall balance in your health and wellbeing.

Yes, you may still need to contend with internal and external challenges in your life. Deal with the constant pressure of juggling competing priorities at home and work ... life would be rather dull and boring if this wasn’t the case! The difference is, you may feel totally alive and in control, with confidence and resilience. You may be living the best life possible.

Visualisation engages the occipital lobe located at the back of your brain. This may allow you to envision what you truly want for your life and it’s proven to positively stimulate your brain into believing your Goals are achievable. It brings greater meaning to what you want to accomplish and you may be more likely to put in the focused effort needed to make things happen.

It’s about imagining what you want or where you want to be, being in the moment and really feeling the emotions of achievement. It may provide a powerful vision of the future; so let’s take a look at the 5 Inspiring Reasons Why You need to be the Director of your Dreams: 

1.    It Emotionally Links you to your Goals

Document your goals and compliment this with a visual interpretation of what you want to achieve in life. By doing this, you are taking a holistic approach to goal setting. It may cultivate a positive mindset and this may help bring focus. With that may come a deeper, personal understanding of what is important to you and where you are heading.

2.    You Create a Clear mental picture of what You Want in Life

Visualisation is a fun way of creating a vivid image in your subconscious mind of you living the life you’ve always dreamed of. The ability to see you having, doing or being it, may nurture your self-belief and motivation. This may keep you on track when you need to make informed choices for yourself.

3.    It’s a Positive and Creative Experience

You may find visualisation an invaluable and profoundly symbolic exercise. It may make your goals feel real and believing they are achievable may bring a feel-good factor to the whole experience. It may foster personal creativity, develops self-worth, and with it, may come a sense of happiness, fulfilment and pride.

4.    You Benefit from Greater Clarity of Purpose

It is inspiring when you have a clear image of what your personal goals are. Visualisation may show you what the end goal will look like. In the process you may feel positively energised into taking control of your life’s direction. This is an important mindset to have when you are challenged by the Dream Breakers; self-doubt, procrastination, bingeing, overthinking, overwhelm and stress.

5.    It Boosts Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

If you can see it and emotionally feel it, then you may believe it! Visualising a bigger, better, brighter future is empowering and may make a difference to the effort you need to put in to achieving your goals. Anything and everything becomes possible. You may become braver and more courageous in your decision-making and that inner strength may propel you to your goal achievement quicker.

Visualisation may be a powerful tool in helping bring your dreams to life!  It’s a key part of the Clarity stage of the Success Generator. To learn more about how you can be the Director of Your Dreams, Login or Signup to Manage My Rainbow and access all the FREE tools and strategies found in the Success Generator.

Enjoy your journey!