1st Powerful Step to Define Your Personal Goals!

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This is the fun bit …. holistic brainstorming for Optimists! There are 6 main life categories in Manage My Rainbow. Familiarise yourself with each one below, including the sub-categories, and decide which are relevant to you at this time:- 

FUN STUFF …. what do you want to enjoy in your spare time? Sub-categories are; Travel and Adventure, Entertainment, Creativity and Hobbies, Cars and Vehicles.

PROPERTY …. what do you want to achieve from a property perspective? Sub-categories are; Buy, Sell, Build, Renovate and/or Maintain a home.

SELF DEVELOPMENT …. core to who you are! Sub-categories are; Career and Life Path, Family and Community, Education and Training, Love, Romance and Wedding.

HEALTH & WELL BEING …. the most important category of them all, as without it you can’t enjoy all the others. Sub-categories are; Fitness and Healthy Living, Natural Therapies, Medical Practices and Practitioners, Beauty and Spas.

INVESTMENT …. do you want to create a more secure, financial, long term future for yourself? Sub-categories are; Wealth Management and Property Investment.

BUSINESS …. are you looking to start, build and/or grow a new or existing business? Sub-categories are; Advice and Support, Advertising and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Business Support Services.

Write down the main life categories that are appropriate to you, as headings on a piece of paper. Alternatively, generate a word or excel file on your computer called ‘Manage My Rainbow’, with the category headings …. whichever is easier for you.

Now set aside some ‘You’ time to reflect upon your life holistically, the direction you want to be heading in and how you want to progress forward. Detail your thoughts under the main life categories you’ve identified …. let your imagination go wild and let your creative juices flow! What are your dreams and wishes for your ideal future?  What does the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow look like?

Some of you will do this process quickly and others will need longer to achieve the same outcome. Whatever feels right for you, but don’t take too long otherwise you risk over analysing and procrastinating.

Feeling overwhelmed? …. then just pick one main life category, focus on that and once you feel comfortable with the process, turn your attention to the other categories if you need to.

For the full post, go to; http://blog.managemyrainbow.com/blog/2016/5/16/3-powerful-steps-to-define-your-personal-goals

Click Here to Set your Goals and Visualise Your Dreams for FREE!