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Regular Action Is Now Believing Our Wishes

What does the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow look like?  If you are not yet sure, then I recommend you read ‘5 Empowering Reasons Why you Need to Set Your Personal Goals’ and then complete the exercise detailed in ‘3 Powerful Steps to Define Your Personal Goals’.

This will enable you to identify what your realistic dreams and wishes are, and you will have also given some thought to whether you believe they are achievable in the Short (0-1 year), Medium (1 – 3 years) or Long Term (3 years+).

Having done this, I hope you feel an overriding air of excitement and optimism for the future! You are now ready to move forward and transform your dreams and wishes in to tangible, realistic and achievable personal Goals, that you can Set, Track and Visualise. With this in mind, I have another acronym to share with you, which typifies the whole personal Goal Setting process:-


Great Organisation Accelerates Life Successes’

and this is achieved through having a clear personal Goal setting framework, which I’m pleased to say Manage my Rainbow gives you. I therefore encourage you to SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE at, familiarise yourself with the site and we can then work together on ‘How To Set Your Personal Goals in 5 easy steps”, which are:-

1.      Choose a SMART ‘Goal Name’

2.      Select the appropriate ‘Main Life Category’

3.      ‘Describe Your Goal’

4.      Formulate Your ‘Milestones’

5.      Assign a ‘When By Date’ to Your Milestones

If you feel more comfortable writing these steps down and working offline, that is fine …. just remember to Sign Up for Free later and transfer your personal Goals on to Manage My Rainbow!

If you are working online, navigate to the Goals section of the site and click ‘Set New Goal’. Now, review the list of dreams and wishes you have compiled and select one to use as a working example. It may be advisable to select a Short Term Goal in the first instance and I am going to use my personal Goal of running the Bridge to Brisbane Race in under 52 mins, to illustrate how to use the site properly.

Ready to get started? …. so here we go:-

1.      Choose a SMART ‘Goal Name’

Apply the ‘SMART’ principal to your dream or wish and when combined with very positive wording, you transform it in to an inspiring personal Goal. This will ensure you have a far greater chance of achieving it. ‘SMART’ is ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely’, and this means your personal Goal needs to be:-

Specific –can you quantify what you want to achieve? …. it needs to be very clear!

Measurable – how will you know you’ve accomplished your personal Goal? … what measure will determine that?

Achievable – are you willing to put the necessary focussed effort in to succeed? ….  or will it fall in to the too hard basket when you have to really work for it!

Realistic – you will have touched on this when reflecting upon and researching your Rainbow …. do you have the necessary influence over, and capacity to stretch yourself, to fulfil your personal Goal?

Timely – can you apply a timeframe to your personal Goal? …. putting a future achievement date gives some urgency to the process and can help alleviate procrastination. However, be mindful to keep timeframes realistic and flexible, so you don’t stress yourself unnecessarily!

A poor, negatively worded name for my personal Goal would be; ‘I want to attend the Bridge to Brisbane Run’, but if I apply the SMART principal, then my positive, personal Goal becomes; ‘I will run the 10km Bridge to Brisbane Race on 28th August 2016 in under 52 minutes!’ … note the use of the verb ‘will”, rather than ‘want’!

2.      Select the appropriate ‘Main Life Category’

The choices are; Fun Stuff, Property, Self Development, Health & Well Being, Investment or Business … by selecting the appropriate category, you will align your personal Goal with the relevant Suppliers in your area who may be able to help you achieve it. My personal Goal is in the main life category of; ‘Health & Well Being’.

3.      ‘Describe Your Goal’

I find this a very powerful part of the process! Really think what it will feel like to achieve your personal Goal. Document those feelings and give the accomplishment true meaning as you are more likely to strive for and achieve it.

My description is; “I really enjoy taking part in the 10km Bridge to Brisbane Race and find the challenge of training for and competing in it, very rewarding, inspiring and fulfilling. Crossing the finish line in under 52 minutes this year will be a great achievement and will be accomplished through a rigorous and focused training program in the lead up to the race. I will be fit and healthy and will also raise money for the 139 Club, a drop in centre for the homeless of Brisbane City … an organisation close to my heart!

You will notice that part of my motivation to run the race is raising much needed funds for the 139 Club and yes, I do have a separate, specific personal Goal aligned to the amount of money I will raise for this worthy organisation.

4.      Formulate your ‘Milestones’

A Milestone is an action or step required to get you closer to the achievement of your personal Goal. You can detail as many as you need and if you had to complete pre-Goal setting research, then you will have a better understanding of what those steps are …. they need to be SMART as well, when combined with step 5 below.

5.      Assign a ‘When By Date’ to Your Milestones

This brings timelines to the Milestones and the overall personal Goal. In most cases, the last Milestone date should relate to the timeline on your personal Goal name.

I am currently running regularly, but not the 10kms I need to be doing. I have a number of different running strategies in place to motivate me and increase my distance and speed, so if I apply steps 4 and 5 to my personal Goal, then they are:-

                         MILESTONE                                                       WHEN BY DATE

1. Run 5kms non-stop in under 30 minutes                          30 / 04 / 2016           

2. Run 7.5kms non-stop in under 45 minutes                       31 / 05 / 2016

3. Run 10 kms non-stop in under 60 minutes                       30 / 06 / 2016

4. Run 10 kms non-stop in under 55 minutes                       31 / 07 / 2016

5. Run 10kms non-stop in under 52 minutes                        28 / 08 / 2016

If you’re working online and have keyed all the required information for your personal Goal, then click ‘Add Goal’ at the foot of the page ….. your personal Goal is now set, so Well Done and Good Luck!

It is a great feeling to have your personal Goal now documented and I also recommend you print it off the system and put it somewhere visible, so you can easily refer to or see it …. like your fridge or a Manage My Rainbow, personal Goals folder.

Complete the same exercise for all of your personal Goals and you will have clearly documented what is required for you to fulfil the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow …. how good is that!

A word of caution …. trying to achieve too many personal Goals at the same time can lead to apathy and disillusionment! Be careful not to overload yourself … you can always add more personal Goals later once you’ve successfully achieved others.

You are now ready to embark on your journey to self-fulfilment and achievement, and I’m pleased to say, you do not have to do this on your own …. Manage My Rainbow also includes a directory of businesses who may be able to help you achieve your personal Goals.

These businesses are keen to hear from you and want to help you succeed in life! To access the directory, go to ‘Find A Business’ or select the appropriate main life category on the Rainbow Ribbon …. this is found towards the top of each page of the site. From here, you will find all the businesses listed on the directory and you can review their profile to see if their services are aligned with what you want to achieve. You can also contact them with any questions, including what service fees and charges may be applicable, add them to your Goal or Contact Book and post a Review about them.

Please note that the network of suppliers will slowly expand as we grow, so bear with me if there are no Businesses listed in your area just yet! 

Everybody works differently, but I also get great motivation and inspiration from creating a Vision Board linked to my personal Goals. This is a lot of fun and gives visual meaning and feeling to what you are trying to accomplish …. Manage My Rainbow has this functionality as well and I really do recommend you get creative by following the steps in ‘5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Need To Visualise Your Personal Goalsand then following the steps in ‘How To Visualise Your Personal Goals Using A Vision Board’.

Manage My Rainbow is all about empowering you to be the best you can be one Goal and Dream at a time.  You have the ability to positively influence and shape your future, and if you haven’t already done so, SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE by going to and like me …. Set, Track and Visualise your personal Goals and Dreams …. start making a real difference in your life today!

Enjoy your journey with MANAGE MY RAINBOW!

Warmest Wishes

Allan Bennett

Founder & Director

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