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Regular Action Is Now Believing Our Wishes

Visualise your personal Goals to really benefit from the positive, powerful and inspiring way in which it gives true meaning to what you want to accomplish in life …. it brings visual significance to what the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow looks like!  This artistic exercise is very uplifting and is achieved by you creating a personal Vision Board. It is another strategic piece in the personal Goal setting process and I explain its importance in; ‘5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Need To Visualise Your Personal Goals!

Creating a Vision Board is fun and gets your creative juices flowing. When created on Manage My Rainbow, the process links you in a unique way to the suppliers who may be able to help you achieve your personal Goals …. which is core to what Manage My Rainbow is all about! I therefore encourage you to SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE! familiarise yourself with the site and we can then work together on visualising your personal Goals.

Manage My Rainbow allows you to complete as many Vision Boards as you like online …. some people will prefer to do a holistic Vision Board, which encompasses all their personal Goals and others will create one to link certain personal Goals together under the 6 main life categories. I recommend you create one for each of your personal Goals, but it can be very much determined by the type and number of personal Goals you have!

I have a personal Goal of: ‘I will run the 10km Bridge to Brisbane Race on 28th August 2016 in under 52 minutes’, so, I will use this as a working example to illustrate how you access and create a Vision Board in Manage My Rainbow …. so here we go! …. let’s have some fun and get creative!

….. the Vision Board process in the system always starts from the Visualise page, so even if you select ‘Create Vision Board’ in your profile, it will still take you there first …. either way, once you arrive at the Visualise page, select ‘Create Vision Board’ and follow the steps below:-

·         Name’ – you need to give your Vision Board an appropriate name …. if you are linking this to a specific personal Goal, then call it something similar, although don’t make the title too long …. I’ve called mine ‘Bridge to Brisbane 2016

·         Goal’ - select the specific personal Goal it is linked to from the list provided. If you didn’t set a personal Goal beforehand, then select ‘No Goal’ in this field

·         Choose a Category’ – choose the appropriate main life category. You will have selected this when you set your personal Goal …. if you haven’t already done that, then the 6 main life categories to choose from are; Fun Stuff, Property, Self Development, Health & Well Being, Investment and Business ….. my personal Goal falls under ‘Health & Well Being’.

·         Select a Template’ – if you like the look of one, then select it, although I always like to start with a blank canvas!

·         Continue’ – select and you will now be taken through to the Vision Board builder …. if you need to edit the Vision Board name, then there is an edit function at the top of this page.

Now it’s time to really get creative and let your imagination go wild …. the different components you can select are listed down the left hand side of the Vision Board builder and they are:-

·         Add Background’ - from our Collection

·         Add Image’ - from our Collection

·         Upload Image’ -  from your computer …. we recommend your image be a size of 600kb and smaller, and I encourage you to include a picture of yourself on the Vision Board to make it even more personal and bring true visual meaning to what you want to achieve!

·         Add Graphic’ - from our Collection

·         Add Frame’ - from our Collection

·         Add Text’ – I’ve included my personal Goal name in my Vision Board to emphasis what I aim to accomplish …. this particular functionality may be limited when using ipad or phone

·         Add Quote’ - from our Collection

·         Delete Element’ – this means you have the ability to erase an image, graphic, frame, text or quote, when you highlight it

·         Move Backward’ – this functionality allows you to move any of the aforementioned items behind each other

If your creative mode is intermittent, then the Vision Board builder allows you to leave it and return as many times as you want …. just make sure you ‘Update’ before you ‘Exit’. You return to your creation using the ‘Edit’ function … a piece of advice though, don’t over clutter your Vision Board as it can become too visually busy and the full intent of your personal Goal will be lost.

When finished, you can turn your Vision Board in to a ‘Template’, ‘Edit’, ‘Print’ or even ‘Share’ it on Facebook with family and friends. I recommend you print it and put it somewhere visible, like your fridge or a Manage My Rainbow personal Goals folder, as an inspirational reminder of what you are looking to achieve in life.

If you would like to see my completed Vision Board, go to the foot of this page!

The Vision Board is automatically ‘Made Public’ and will only show for a short time at the foot of the home page, so if you don’t want this to happen select ‘Make Private’ when in ‘View’ mode.

 Also, when you are in the ‘View’ mode, there are a number of business listings to the right of screen …. Manage My Rainbow includes a directory of suppliers who may be able to help you achieve your personal Goals and these businesses are keen to hear from you. They want to help you succeed in life and achieve your personal Goals, and to access the full directory, go to ‘Find A Business’ or select the appropriate main life category on the Rainbow Ribbon …. this is found towards the top of each page of the site. From here, you can review a business listings profile to see if their services are aligned with what you want to achieve. You can also contact them with any questions, including what service fees and charges may be applicable, add them to your Goal or Contact Book and post a Review about them.

Please note that the network of suppliers will slowly expand as we grow, so bear with me if there are no suppliers in your area just yet! 

If you have followed the steps above and created your own Vision Board successfully – Congratulations and Well Done! …. Visualisation is a major, integral tool in the personally Goal setting process and mentally stimulates you in to believing and striving towards achieving your personal Goals.

It’s now down to the hard work ….  diligently work towards realising your Milestones, fulfilling your personal Goals and ultimately achieving the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow!

If you need some overall guidance on the whole personal Goal setting process, then I recommend you read my series of BLOGs:-

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Manage My Rainbow is all about empowering you to be the best you can be one Goal and Dream at a time.  You have the ability to positively influence and shape your future, and if you haven’t already done so, SIGN UP NOW FOR FREE and like me …. Set, Track and Visualise your personal Goals and Dreams …. start making a real difference in your life today!

Enjoy your journey with Manage My Rainbow!

Warmest wishes

Allan Bennett

Founder & Director

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