Did you Think I'd Realised The 'Pot of Gold at the End of My Rainbow?'

Did you Think I'd Realised The 'Pot of Gold at the End of My Rainbow?'

Hi everyone … with a recent lack of activity on Social Media and my BLOG, you could be forgiven for thinking I’d disappeared off the face of the earth or was sunning myself on some tropical island having achieved all my Goals and Dreams … relishing in the fruits of successfully realising the ‘Pot of Gold at the End of My Rainbow!’

Whilst that’s a very nice thought, unfortunately, or should I say, thankfully, that is not the case! Life would be rather stale and boring if I felt like I had achieved everything and there was nothing else for me to strive for and accomplish … so, in terms of the past couple of months, all I will say is; “life has been a tad busy and challenging with me having to juggle a number of competing priorities!”

The daily challenges I’ve faced are probably no different to those faced by many people the length and breadth of Australia, but part of that personal challenge for me is managing my ongoing journey with anxiety and to a lesser extent, depression.

Don’t get me wrong, I have achieved some good things in the past few months, but I can definitely say, life is ever evolving and certainly never dull, and I have battled with the hidden elements of the Rainbow cycle … the storm clouds of self-doubt, and all the symptoms that accompany that … stress, apathy, procrastination, self-sabotage, lack of direction, overwhelm, to name but a few.

What I’ve rediscovered over this period, is that when you hit these storm clouds, the heavy rain that accompanies them is just intermittent showers in life’s journey. The challenging storm always passes by and when it does, you can start to see the rays of sun appearing through the clouds, your Rainbow begins to take form and shape, and you can become clearer about what the ‘Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow Looks Like!’

Once that happens, you have the opportunity to focus back on what is important to you, so you can move forward once again … that’s why I’m sharing with you the framework of tools to help you do just that.

When you, set and visualise, your personal Goals and Dreams, you are clearly documenting and creating the framework needed for you to move forward in your life and be the best you can be … an important element of that process is regular review to ensure you are on track or if in fact, your personal Goals need revising to take account of changing priorities.

Remember the acronym for RAINBOW - Regular Action Is Now Believing Our Wishes!

I’m going to share with you now the story of why I named my business ‘Manage My Rainbow’ and I’m doing that for a poignant reason! The name actually came to me a number of years ago, when I was out jogging … a vivid Rainbow touched ground above a property on Coochiemudlo Island and I thought; “someone’s dream would be to own that home!” … I then expanded my thought process and realised the Rainbow could touch ground anywhere and over anything, and so the concept was borne.

Why tell you that story, well last Friday I passed that very same spot after a heavy down pour of rain and once again a Rainbow appeared over the island and touched ground … I took the photo attached to this BLOG at the time … it was quite breathtaking and for me, brought greater clarity around why I developed ‘Manage My Rainbow’ as a concept and it helped me reconnect with my life purpose!

My vision is to help you take back control of your life purposefully, despite facing what can be perceived as difficult challenges, and empowering you to achieve the ‘Pot of Gold at the End of Your Rainbow!’, whatever that may look like for you.

… so, I’m looking forward to re-engaging with you all moving forward through my BLOG and I would really appreciate any feedback you may have. If you can like my Facebook or Instagram page, or a particular post, that would be awesome too, so my message can be spread to a wider audience!

Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to follow this link to my website and Signup Now for FREE … this will give you the opportunity to set, track and visualise some personal Goals and Dreams, and start to make a real difference in your life today!

Allan Bennett