Activate Your Success Generator - Workshop Series

FREE workshops to help you bring your dreams to life!

The Success Generator is my my 4-step method. It encourages you to acknowledge where you’re at in life and reflect on the things that may be stopping you from doing what you truly want. Join me to discover your passion, define your dreams, set and visualise your goals and start to make them happen!

Yes, it’s Free! No gimmick! I’m not going to sell you anything! This is my opportunity to help people and give back to my local community!

Workshop 1 - Acknowledge yourself and your rainbow

In this session we use the goal indicator to reflect on where you are in life. We begin to consider the things that stop you moving forward. We discover the values that drive you.

 Workshop 2 - Your ordinary is extraordinary

Let’s celebrate how truly extraordinary you are! This week I help you realise your strengths, discover your passion and define your dreams.

 Workshop 3 - Activate your goals

This week we get clarity around your goals and put an action plan for success in place. I’ll show you how a place-mat helped me overcome my overwhelm.

 Workshop 4 - Energise your vision

Dream it! Own it! Live it! … Create a vision board and visualise your goals, and be the director of your dreams.

The Success Generator is delivered in a caring, small group environment (no more than 8 people).

So, join me and let’s work towards the pot of gold at the end of your Rainbow!

Workshop dates to be advised.